“How we treat the environment begins with how we treat each other”
John Francis
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“There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I used to marvel at my grandmothers tea cup collection.  I would spend hours looking at all of the beautiful cups and saucers hanging from the display rack above her buffet.  My sisters and I would take special care to pick out our favorite sets.
Tea was always a staple in my grandmothers home, but it was never a formal event.  My family simply perfected iced or sweet tea and sun tea.  I found myself using teas in the winter to soothe my cold body and at times when I needed to calm myself for a good night’s sleep.  It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I had the pleasure of experiencing an actual formal English tea party.  I found a new appreciation for the power and formality of tea.
After that amazing experience, I was given a starter tea set which sent me on my way into a life of tea.  Recently, I happened upon a tea shop while relaxing in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The Hooker Tea Company is a wonderous place.  They carry over 100 varieties of premium loose teas.  Green, White and Black teas, Oolong, herbal and fruit blends, Mate, Roobios, Pu-erh and more in simple silver tins which line the walls making a subtile statement of elegance.  The smell of freshly brewed teas steeping fill the air.
I began to get overwhelmed just flipping through their extensive tea menu.  The helpful clerk kept bringing over tin after tin letting me smell each tea that caught my eye.  With 2 ounces here and 2 ounces there, I ended up with several new favorites.  I purchased three amazing teas to enjoy at home:
Blood Orange Pu-erh
- Pu-erh filled with hints of orange and grapefruit
Forty Winks Herbal – Chamomile tea with orange peel, spearmint, lemongrass, rosehips and lavender
Coco Star Black Tea – Blends anise, coco and coconut
I am in love with each of these teas.  Iced or served hot with milk and sugar, each tea is an amazing experience.  Beyond using tea as a drink, there are medicinal properties to behold as well.  Herbal teas can be used to fight off a cold, de-stress, soothe the stomach and more.
I implore you to dive into a cuppa.  Join me in the art of enjoying the world’s most popular drink.

So many things I’ve wanted to blog about in the past months, but haven’t had the time.  I promise it will be more often in the coming months.

An email came across my desk with an interesting video attached.  I received this from my mother and thought I should share it with you all.  It amazes me the things we are still learning about our planet and energy.


Traceyclean Natural Products
I’ve been talking about the health effects that conventional cleaning products have on our bodies and our homes in recent Diva-Zines.  I found that all of my conventional cleaners that I use on my food prep counter, cook top, sink, dishes, pots & pans, floors and even wiping down the table, all released volatile organic compounds and other toxins into the air in my home and remain on all surfaces.  I learned that because of these conventional cleaners, the air quality in homes is 5 times more toxic then outside.  Several of the chemicals used in products like bleach, have been found to contribute to cancer, hormonal & reproductive disorders, neurological problems, acute asthma, respiratory & immune deficiencies, skin rashes and are poisonous if ingested.  WOW!  I’m not only cleaning but I’m creating a completely unhealthy toxic environment in my home.  Think about it for a moment…..Yikes!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Tracey Hiner, owner of local favorite TraceyClean Natural Products (  Her product line is produced in Indiana by Tracey and her husband, Steven.  Tracey is a wife and mother of two, who finally got fed up with the commercial cleaning product industry enough to begin creating her own line of natural non-toxic cleaners.

Tracey says, “My products are for people who want the benefits of natural cleaners but don’t have the time to do the research, gather the materials, and make the products themselves. I have tested different ingredient combinations found on websites, in books, and talking with chemists. The products I developed are what I feel are the best mix of ingredients for each product.”

You can purchase TraceyClean online or if your in Indiana she has several drop points and sells here products at local farmers markets.  Her products are fantastic!  Give them a try and make sure to tell her you read about her products in TheEcoDivas Blog.

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