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“How we treat the environment begins with how we treat each other”
John Francis
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It’s the first day of my quest for all things Vegan and I find myself full up on nuts.  I forgot how filling natures little delights can be.  Shall I re-cap the day?

I started my day with a Soy Chai Tea Latte for breakfast, which proved to be just the thing I needed to make me feel all warm inside.  That held me over for a few hours until I had to snack on 1/2 cup of mandarin oranges and a 1/4 cup of corn to keep me from crashing.  Don’t ask…I know you’re thinking that it seems like an unlikely combination but it was all I had available.

Moving on…..Lunch was where it started.   I had a great time at the salad bar filling my bowl with all sorts of veggies and there they were, looking at me with the stare of pure protein, NUTS!  I completely forgot about the benefits and tasty-ness that nuts could bring a person when combined with a salad.  I even added a couple scoops of seeds to complete the fandango of flavor.

It was on!  I think I created a monster because when I got home this afternoon I grabbed a bag of mixed nuts and went to town.  I even added a few hand fulls of craisins to complete the feast.  I set in motion a delightful craving that will come in handy as I vegan it up.

I’m so excited to have been reacquainted with my new favorite snack today.   The only time I really ever eat nuts is during the holidays.  I can usually find them sitting on a table in a bowl waiting to be cracked open or ready to eat.  Lucky for me, I am extending the holiday by choosing to have nuts as my vegan snack of choice.  Does that mean that by being Vegan everyday is a holiday?  Let’s hope!

My Advice Today:  When you’re feeling like having an afternoon ”pick me up”….just go nuts!

Can you decorate your tree with eco-friendly ornamentation?  This year I’m making it a point to use anything and everything that I have at home.  My garland is a recycled paper chain draped around the tree.  Another option for easy garland is to pop some popcorn and string it with cranberries to create a beautiful biodegradable garland.  The paper chain can be recycled and the popcorn can be set out for the birds for a winter snack.

I’ve used fresh organic local fruit and ribbon to make ornaments.  My favorite is the orange/clove ball.  The smell is one from my childhood that everyone will enjoy.  Of course, I’ve pulled out all of the ornaments I’ve collected over the years, along with some from my childhood that my mother gave me.  If you need more sustainable holiday décor, try cutting snowflakes out of paper and hanging them in your windows.  There are so many fun and easy eco-friendly ways to decorate for the holidays you just have to think like a child again, but isn’t that the whole point?

Paper Garland

Step 1: Cut 1”thick strips out of recycled paper.
Step 2: Take the ends of one strip of paper, put them together to form a circle and staple or glue the ends.
Step 3: Take another strip of paper and thread it through the middle of the first paper ring, put the ends of that paper together forming an interlocking ring and staple or glue together.
Step 4: Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you have a chain long enough to drape around the Christmas tree.
Step 5: Drape your fabulous garland around your tree.

Thinking about Christmas in a sustainable way has been driving me up a wall. My dilemma this year is the proverbial tree. As an icon of the holiday season, the Christmas tree is a symbol that everyone celebrating the holiday recognizes and brings into their homes. However, the Christmas tree has caused debates throughout the years. It comes down to the one and only question: Real or Fake????????????? Weighing all of my options, I like to put it all on the table.

  • Put up my hand-me-down artificial PVC laden tree, off-gassing through the holiday season, but saving a tree from the lumberjack’s ax?
  • Buy a cut tree that smells fantastic and can be replaced by a sapling in the intent to re-populate the tree farm and recycled into mulch, but the growth rate will take years?
  • Buy a living tree comes with the root ball attached so I can plant it after the holiday, but will it fit in my bungalow living room and do I have the yard space?
  • I could buy a PVC-free tree, but what would become of my current artificial tree?

PVC-free TreeSo many things to consider, what’s a girl to do? I finally made a decision that I think I can live with this year. I decided to put up my hand-me-down tree in the spirit of the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I figure that my sister got good use out of it and now I’m reusing it to its fullest extent, while reducing land fill waste and recycling it as my tree.

That said, if you’re looking for a PVC-free tree, this one is as close as you’ll get. I’ve seen it in person (see left) and it’s fabulous!

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