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After 4 years of living in Florida I have finally found a Kula.

Sometime in November, a friend introduced me to IRB Yoga studio. She had not practiced yoga before, but was looking for something new and challenging. Three of my coworkers/employees/friends and I started going on a regular basis. I practice in a class every Sunday, but they practice as often as they can manage, thanks to the monthly unlimited pass. Since attending their first class in November, the three of them now practice yoga three or four days a week, sometimes taking two or three classes a day! Now that’s enthusiasm!

I have practiced yoga off and on for over 10 years for a natural remedy for stress and this is my favorite studio and my favorite class, ever. Being a new studio they are still working out schedules and teachers, etc., but none of it matters. Every teacher has been excellent. My current teacher has just begun an hour and a half Ashtanga, power series class. It is amazing, deeply challenging and so much fun! In just one class she has opened me to a whole new yoga, which I am so excited to get to know.
The best part is that the four of us, coworkers, have bonded over sweaty mats and fumbling legs. We often take a moment out of our day to discuss a pose, a class or a yoga wish. We work in a medical office with about twenty other women, all with varying levels of fitness. Although there are a couple of women that have done yoga in the past, the majority have never attempted a yoga pose or seen a vinyasa. Our enthusiasm has begun to spread, and there is talk of eight or nine of us joining a class on Tuesday, given by none other than my favorite Ashtanga teacher!
I couldn’t be more excited about my new yoga kula and the spark it has given to me and my coworkers. Here’s hoping you find yours!

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