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John Francis
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Well I did it!  It has officially been a month of a complete vegan lifestyle.  I managed to do it all without cheating even once.  Which is a huge accomplishment in self control for me.  I’ve realized I really can do anything I put my mind to.

I also came to the conclusion that there is a need for an easy guide to being vegan that the average “Joe-shmo” can follow.  I think it was easy for me to dive into this lifestyle because I cook in a weird way.  I’m always tweaking recipes to work within my way of life.  I have become pretty good at adjusting meals to be pescatarian and now vegan friendly.  The thing is, not everyone cooks like me nor do they even make meals from scratch on a daily basis.

I’ve had several people ask what I ate and how to design a meal.  I would begin to explain but noticed they just weren’t getting it.  Whether it was the lack of knowledge when it came to meat alternatives, confused by cooking terminology or just not concerned with reading labels, there seemed to be a universal “Huh” on everyones faces.

With that being said, I’m working on putting together a guide/cookbook that even a child would understand.  It is still a thought in my head, but I have been bouncing ideas and will be brainstorming with friends this week about the possibilities for this book.

As for me, I am still eating vegan and have decided to slowly add in fish to my diet.  I will probably stear clear of the dairy when possible but there is always room for cheese.  This isn’t the end of me as a vegan.  It is the beginning of me as a conscious eater.

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